Nokah Another World Is Possible

The glitch-meister and genre-anhilitating rudeboy Nokah, is back for another outing on Dead Channel. His effortless display of mind bending drops and schizophrenic electronica is apparent once again, clearly defining him as one of the UK’s most unique, cutting edge producers.
  • Local Brew
  • Pirates
  • Buxom
  • the Herd

Various Artists Haikyo Volume 1

Haikyo Vol. 1 showcases the strange and varied work of the Urban Exploration collective over the last year, some of the musical exploits of it’s individual members over that period, and various collaborations and remixes. 2012 saw the group release their debut EP on If The Kids Records in Berlin (Subterranean) featuring four tracks of moody industrial-tinged techno. This year also saw UE perform a spate of ‘ambient gigs’ in their hometown of Leeds as well as curating Jamie Reid’s exhibition closing party at Temple Works, where they performed with an opera singer and the world’s largest live echo chamber. Over the past six months the group have recorded over 50 hours of unedited improvised material, only a tiny percentage of which has been cialis online mixed and included here. From epic cinematic jams and dissonant noise experiments to lo-fi techno and electro sets, the group continues to push onwards into new sonic territory, performing everything on-the-fly using a plethora of homemade instruments, dusty analogue synths and a sea of wires and cable. Their music is characterised most of all by its many unexpected twists and turns, by its refusal to ever sit still, yet somehow it hangs together, and the result is beautifully unpredictable atmospheric music. For more free UE you can also download their Deadmix here on DC.
  • UE - Temple
  • Headcleaner - Fait Doubt
  • Conflux - Caladan
  • Micoland - Ectoplasm (Noisepsalm Remix)
  • UE - Pattenbau (Micoland Remix)
  • UE - Condemned Machines
  • Chris Kubex - Nanowar
  • Headcleaner - Tromso (Haikyo Edit)
  • UE - Life in the Overgrowth (Chris Kubex Remix)
  • Conflux - Long Shore Drift
  • UE - Mundus Gubernavi
  • UE - Ragged Kingdom (Naffdogg Remix)
  • Micoland - Triptan
  • Blips - Steampipe Dreamphase -
  • UE - Deconstructed (Wobble N Dubb Remix)
  • Naffdogg - Lullaby
  • UE - Indigenous Peoples
  • UE - Leave Nothing But Footprints
  • Naffdogg - Evan
  • UE - Brighton Storm Drain (Original)
  • Conflux - Taos Hum

Various Artists Dead Channel International

Dead Channel are extremely proud to present our latest compilation album – DC International. This release showcases amazing electronic music that we’ve found from all around the globe (including France, Norway and Japan) and delivers an extremely varied yet rewarding listening experience. Fans of Acid, Braindance, Electro, Techno and Industrial music are in for a treat, with Mirko Kosmos and VD Ripping up some Noise and busting out some glitched-up funk. Dramatic contrasts such as John Merick’s bad ass remix of Naffdogg’s Disposable World, against the ruthless intensity of Svindron (reminiscent to that of Aphex Twin’s Drukqs at times) are balanced by a coherence of mood and process that pervades the entire album. This is an interesting time for independant music. A whole generation has grown up since the birth of the internet. Kids in hundreds of different countries are downloading software and making their own beats. Electronic music is now a global culture, and we’re happy to present to you, here, a small, but perfectly formed piece of it.
  • Per Byhring - Teadus II
  • Svindrön - Pataphusikà
  • Cignol - In Rhythm
  • Naffdogg - Disposable World (John Merick Remix)
  • Caleb Cobell - #35 Jamm (Meek Speaker Mix)
  • Little Nobody - Sense And Senility
  • Mirko-Kosmos - The Desert ft. Selina Sitara
  • Pocketsquare - Argue The Future
  • Russian Corvette - Granulacid
  • Aniline - Kitsune
  • VD - Dot Cott.
  • Noisepsalm - Psalm Of The Pines

Micoland Pirate Radio Astronomy

There were rumours that this might be Mick Schofield’s last album as Micoland. A continuing disillusionment with all things Dubstep, marred yet further by an increasingly busy schedule (taken up by his new material as Conflux and his collaborative projects Urban Exploration and Wobble N Dubb) seemed to confirm that this may well be the case. But fear not, Micoland definitely has new stuff on the way, and this timely release of his greatest LP to date, Pirate Radio Astonomy, should only reaffirm his position as a Dubstep producer of quality. The tracks presented here are about as far away from Nero as you could get within the same genre. Glitched dancehall riddims rub shoulders with infectious Hip Hop grooves and the kind of wobble bass you used to hear before everyone started using the same synth. This album may have many dancefloor-friendly moments, but it is Micoland’s consistent use of atmosphere and melody which holds it together. Certainly his most radio-friendly work to date, it manages to be accessible without selling out, and stands as evidence that Dubstep may well have some life left in it yet.
  • The God Particle
  • Concrete Paradise
  • Hop Skotch Riddim
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Boom and Bust
  • Tetsuo
  • Moon Ring
  • Flowover
  • Awareness Spectrum Narcotic
  • Saprogenic
  • Underling
  • Antenna Riddim
  • Longing
  • Flowover (Naffdogg Overflow Remix)

Nokah Central Light Core

Hold on to the nearest unmoveable object, because this one is sure to blow you away! Dead Channel presents the incredible, debut LP from Nokah, Central Light Core. Straight from the streets of South East London, this album combines the best of rave influenced electronica and the new wave of bass music with a genre-defying style that is both unique and fresh. Don’t be surprised if you hear a lot more about Nokah in the years that follow this release. Even from the first track, Clocks, you can hear the flawless transitions between sections he so masterfully creates and is followed by the outstanding and relentless Beat Babies, which manages to take you on an atmospheric but brutal journey within the space of 3 minutes and 15 seconds. Old school heads will be pleased to hear the early rave style sounds of Cut The Kids In Half and It’s Just A Dream, but it’s safe to say that anyone with an eclectic taste in electronic music will find something they like on this album, as Nokah effortlessly displays his take on hip-hop, dubstep, drum’n'bass, old school hardcore, breakcore and braindance, to bring you this epic debut. We really hope you enjoy this release as much as we do.
  • Clocks
  • Beat Babies
  • Cut The Kids In Half
  • Clear Heels
  • Five Minutes Late
  • Happy With Nothing
  • Thought Police
  • Its Just A Dream
  • Swings & Roundabouts
  • Sorn
  • R Complex
  • Secret Knowledge
  • The Cost Of Contentment
  • Pecking Order
  • Farewell

Bo Legz Masquerade

Dead Channel are proud to release, here, for the first time, Bo Legz long awaited debut album. Former singer-songwriter Holly Bretton, who has worked in collaboration with Dead Channel artists Micoland, Naffdogg and Prod (aka I Beep Therefore I Am), decided a couple of years ago to start producing her own tunes under the name Bo Legz. Under the influence of computer games, summer free parties and local rave night Gonzo, Holly began to write eclectic electronica, taking in Techno, Trip Hop and Dub styles along the way. She quickly began to develop her own unique sound, an epic and mournful synth music, that is in turn both monstrously heavy and wistfully delicate. This LP embodies her meteroic rise as a producer well worth watching out for. Recommended for all fans of melodic rave music. This release also contains a folder of original artwork by the artist.
  • Nephele
  • Drawstring
  • Gameplay
  • First Light
  • Haphazard
  • Gondola Rhythm
  • Reunite
  • Starfish

Oli Hemingway Full Wolf

Full Wolf is a joint venture with Jehm Records, featuring the unquestionable talents of Yorkshire producer Oli Hemingway, in his first outing for Dead Channel. Originally released in 2010 on R3toX Records, this superbly crafted LP is now available for free download, freshly re-recorded and mixed for this release. An album of 70s & 80s horror & b-movie influenced techno and electronic bleepiness, this release is brimming with dancefloor bangers.
  • Intro
  • Bad Acid
  • Grindhouse
  • Pome
  • Quiet Groove
  • Submerge
  • 1-up
  • My Skyscraper
  • Sportswear & Cigarettes
  • Twenty to Midnight

Conflux The Winter Solstice EP

This EP is Mick Schofield’s first release under his recently reactivated Conflux moniker, and is quite a departure from any sound you may have previously associated him with.
Smooth electronics, super-chilled glitch hop and heavy cinematic ambience gradually build up a picture of desolate icy landscapes, warm log fires, twinkly distant lights and the ethereal majesty of the aurora borealis overhead. Anyone would think this guy was from Finland or something!
If you’re into the sounds of múm, Biosphere or Boards of Canada, or if you’re just looking for something more interesting than Wham! to listen to this Christmas, we highly recommend this new EP.
Happy solstice DC fans x

This EP is Mick Schofield’s first release under his recently reactivated Conflux moniker, and is quite a departure from any sound you may have previously associated him with. Smooth electronics, super-chilled glitch hop and heavy cinematic ambience gradually build up a picture of desolate icy landscapes, warm log fires, twinkly distant lights and the ethereal majesty of the aurora borealis overhead. Anyone would think this guy was from Finland or something! If you’re into the sounds of múm, Biosphere or Boards of Canada, or if you’re just looking for something more interesting than Wham! to listen to this Christmas, we highly recommend this new EP. Happy solstice DC fans x

  • Jólablót
  • The Christmas Tree Cluster
  • Land of the Midnight Sun
  • North Star
  • Lineae

Chris Kubex At The Expense Of Many

This latest LP from Chris Kubex really feels like an artist hitting his stride, and features some of his best work to date. Emotive electronica drifts from Techno into House into Chip-tune nostalgia and everywhere in between, with a precision and attention to detail which belies categorisation.
From the dark back-alleys of Mercerism to the wistful digital melancholy of Arcade Excurions and Valium Clouds, At The Expense of Many takes you on journey that is in turns both uplifting and totally immersive.
This album should be listened to as a whole for the most rewarding experience, and is as equally suited to pre and post club listening as it is for soundtracking your road trips and train commutes.
Artwork by Conflux.

This latest LP from Chris Kubex really feels like an artist hitting his stride, and features some of his best work to date. Emotive electronica drifts from Techno into House into Chip-tune nostalgia and everywhere in between, with a precision and attention to detail which belies categorisation. From the dark back-alleys of Mercerism to the wistful digital melancholy of Arcade Excurions and Valium Clouds – At The Expense of Many takes you on journey that is in turns both uplifting and totally immersive. This album should be listened to as a whole for the most rewarding experience. It is as equally suited to pre and post club listening, as it is for soundtracking your late night road trips and early morning train commutes. Artwork by Conflux.

  • Illium
  • Dark City Lights
  • Mercerism
  • Arcade Excursions
  • Limbo
  • Last Tiks
  • Jane Doe
  • Valium Clouds
  • Interrupted Thought
  • Freond
  • Targert Renegade Dub
  • Torpid

Naffdogg Kickin' Leaves Remixes

Naffdogg returns to Dead Channel for his first solo outing since 2010’s Pipework EP with the Kickin’ Leaves EP, which presents the original track alongside six re-interpretations. The original is a wonderful care-free journey into the mind of Naffdogg, with it’s mix of funk-laden chopped beats, dreamy synth’s, tumbling chip melodies and sub bass. Bo Legz turns in a nice solid 4×4 workout while still making use of those lush melodies; Aniline rework the melodic elements into a dreamy journey reminiscent of early Plaid; Sal Volatile presents the most radicalremix with heavy stepping beats and creeping synths; Wobble & Dubb keep the feel of the original while toughening up the beats and hooks and Chris Kubex goes deeper with a minimal approach. Rounding out the package is the ‘Autumn Dub’ which adds ethereal vocals and deep subs into the mix. We are also including the stems from the original version so feel free to loop, mash up and glitch yourself stupid! Please send any remixes to deadchannelrecords[at] we would love to hear them! You will find the parts you need in a zip file called KL STEMS, packaged with the release.
  • Kickin' Leaves
  • Kickin' Leaves (Bo Legz Remix)
  • Kickin' Leaves (Aniline Remix)
  • Kickin' Leaves (Sal Volatile Remix)
  • Kickin' Leaves (Wobble N Dubb Remix)
  • Kickin' Leaves (Chris Kubex Remix)
  • Kickin' Leaves (Autumn Dub)

Pocketsquare Peacocking EP

We are happy to announce the newest international artist to Dead-Channel; Pocketsquare. Here we bring you a strong and defined release all the way from Saint Paul, Minnesota, delivering a collection of flawless electronica tracks suited to the dancefloor, but with a smooth and subtle edge. The Peacocking EP is as well constructed as it is interesting and combines the flair apparent in his earlier drum’n'bass work as Terminal Minded and Nob&Gate Ltd. with clean production, rudeboy basslines, off kilter melodies and awesome, skippy 2-step riddims. Although these tracks would fit easily into most dj sets, they are by no means your standard affair and include definite unique qualities that should not be overlooked. Whether it’s the rave-in-space characteristics of We’ll Go No Mars A’Rovin’ or the melancholy, melodic flourishes in Butterflies, Pocketsquare administers his sound with finesse from start to finish and is a very welcome addition to the fold.
  • We'll Go No Mars A'Rovin'
  • Rabbithole Breaks
  • Coldpress
  • Butterflies

Little Nobody Definitive Dirge EP

The multi-talented Tokyo based Ozzy ex-pat Andrez Bergen makes a welcome return to Dead Channel with four solid cuts of main-room friendly techno.
These tracks evoke the sounds of Berlin’s legendary Berghain club and its residents Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock – deep, shuffling slabs of late-night funk – but also retain that playful approach to production that we’ve come to associate with Little Nobody.
Recommended to all fans of quality deep techno.

The multi-talented Tokyo-based Ozzy ex-pat Andrez Bergen makes a welcome return to Dead Channel with four solid cuts of main-room friendly techno. These tracks evoke the sounds of Berlin’s legendary Berghain club and its residents Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock – deep, shuffling slabs of late-night funk – but also retain that playful approach to production that we’ve come to associate with Little Nobody. Recommended to all fans of quality deep techno.

  • Jacques Ane
  • Dead Bass
  • Disquo (Little Nobody Remix)
  • Chunnel Web EQ

Conflux vs. Micoland Ark Hive

This second retrospective of early works by Micoland has been compiled in the spirit of Spac Hand Luke Vs. Amen Andrews, in that both artists are in fact the same person. These tracks all date from 2007 and 2008 and feature both the Skam Records-inspired analogue experiments of his Conflux project, and the darker output of his Dubstep and Hip Hop tunes as Micoland. The album’s tracks were written primarily on hardware such as the Roland Juno 6 and the Casio 101, through delay pedals and other cheap effects, giving the LP a unique feel, unlike much of the polished Dubstep released today. Many of the tracks here featured in the set he performed supporting Milanese at Room 237 in April 2008, but are released here, in all their lo-fi glory, for the first time.
  • Tram
  • Catch 23
  • Island of Atlas
  • DPRK Skank
  • Hard Terrain
  • Kafka Garage
  • Left Behind
  • Mood vs Mode
  • Orange Nightmare
  • Radio Maths
  • Slow Wave Sleep
  • RPG Dub
  • Babylon Must Die
  • Albatross
  • Reptiles
  • Shrap Nil
  • Shut Down

Wobble N Dubb It's Not Rocket Surgery

734 years in the making, Wobble N Dubb do not recommend you download their debut album, as it may distort your perception of reality as you know it. After a year of polluting the underground rave scene with atrocious, viscerally-coagulated beat spasms, they retreated back to their secret lair in the Yorkshire mountains to push their manifesto of noise to it’s logical conclusion. The chromosomes of Coldcut, Point B, Modeselektor, Reso and Venetian Snares have been spliced into a genetically modified hyper-toxic foetus, in a collaboration with NASA and HP Sauce. It’s Not Rocket Surgery but it sure as hell feels like it!
  • Brain Science
  • Kokoro's Actroid
  • Holy Shiite
  • Watertight Paradox
  • Shifty
  • Sticky Joystick
  • The Filth Symphony
  • Propa Wood
  • Boregasm
  • Loud
  • Twisted Fuck End
  • Seppuku
  • Mental Psychosis
  • Gonzo Pornography (Hardcore)
  • Front Gammon
  • Tiny Dinosaur Hands

Micoland Modern Ruins

Surely by now there is no argument that Mick Schofield, otherwise known as Micoland, is one of the most talented producers currently residing in the city of Leeds. The other half of merry pranksters Wobble n Dubb returns to Dead Channel with the long anticipated follow up to 2008’s All Loop Traffic.

The sounds of traditional northern electronics are combined with Mico’s fascination with dub, it’s unruly offspring dubstep and hip-hop, to produce an album with moments of startling beauty and darkness held together by deep grooves you can get lost in. From the menacing voice of the mysterious Lazarou on the title track, to the dreamy Orb-like pads of Cumulo Nimbus before it drops it’s heavy stepping dub riddem, this album has lots of great moments. Mico has been hard at work in the studio and we’ll have new material very soon. Until then, this needs to go on your MP3 player for those dark winters commutes. The download includes a PDF booklet of album artwork designed by Micoland. Essential really.

  • Dark Freight
  • Movement
  • Modern Ruins feat. Lazarou
  • Tourism
  • Terra Nullius (Citizen Of Nowhere)
  • Backspace
  • Cumulo Nimbus
  • Long Delays Expected
  • Illegal Medium
  • Blood
  • On The Warpath Again
  • Occident
  • No Roots
  • Motorsteuerung
  • Universal Serial Bass
  • Old Haunts
  • Epitaph

Naffdogg Pipework EP

One half of infamous rave pranksters Wobble n Dubb, Mr Dogg returns for his second solo outing on Dead Channel with another EP full of clever drum programming, braindance melody workouts and electro-techno dance floor bombs. Closing track Mould weaves a tight web of almost Drexciyan-like electro (influenced by inner city living rather than a forgotten Atlantis), while standout track Pipework is a sure-fire techoid dance floor killer. The package is completed with the trippy melody led techno of The Wishbone and the dark brooding breaks of Tuesday Cattle Market. Top stuff.
  • Pipework
  • Tuesday Cattle Market
  • The Wishbone
  • Mould

Gwylo Binary Fur

Gonzo founding father Gwylo returns to Dead Channel with the follow up to 2008’s Fullbodygurn EP.

The brutality of his previous work still remains on tracks like Binary Furs and Hypertension, but this album adds far more textures to his sonic palette – from the low-slung darkness and twinkling melodic sheen of The Other End Of The Scale to the west coast hip-hop bounce of Function Out On Bail before it unleashes it’s payload of furious lo-fi beats, this album is a compelling listen. Approach with an open mind and you shall be rewarded.

  • Theory101
  • Recovery Position
  • Function-out on bail
  • Deepest Waters
  • Hypertension
  • Secret Location
  • Illicit Means
  • One Less Digit
  • Diuretics
  • Hexadecimal
  • Piperazine Paper Cranes
  • The Unpleasent
  • Binary Furs
  • The Other End Of The Scale
  • Opiate Towers

Wobble n Dubb The Otherside EP

Here we go again, strap yourselves in for some more Wobble & Dubb mayhem, same format as last time and just as crazily good. The Otherside Mix was first featured on Lisa Right Eye’s superlative Otherside radio show ( and features the now infamous dual laptop mash-up style that these boys employ to full effect here. Shatners Basson is quintessential Wobble n Dubb: a 12-minute long epic of comedy proportions.
  • The Otherside Mix
  • Shatner's Bassoon

Little Nobody feat. Robo Brazileira Robota Remixes

A joint release from Andrez Bergen’s IF? Imprint and Dead Channel which features re-workings of one of IF?’s most successful tracks ‘Robota’ by Little Nobody, featuring vocals from Toshiyuki Yasuda, one of Si Beggs favourite musicians. Robota is re-interpreted by a host of artists including: E383, Chris Kubex, Micoland, Ant Orange, Prekids, Noisepsalm and Dave Blakemore to name a few. You can pick up the IF? Version of this release, which features more exclusive mixes and costs a very agreeable £4.99 from here:
  • Ant Orange Yo Momma Was A Snow Blower Remix
  • E383 Remix
  • Chris Kubex Remix
  • Dave Blakemore's Robotic Dysfunction Remix
  • Ben Mill Remix
  • Noisepsalm Remix
  • Micoland Remix
  • Absolute Rhyme Remix
  • Naffdogg's K9 Remix
  • Batteries Not Included Mix
  • Funk Gadget Remix
  • Prekids Remix

Micoland Hidden Records

In the run up to the release of Micoland’s latest LP, Modern Ruins, Dead Channel presents this retrospective compilation from the Drum Faktry archives. Hidden Records 01-06 is a substantial collection of unreleased early works by Micoland recorded between 2001 and 2006. The album also contains tracks from his Conflux project and presents an eclectic mix of styles from IDM to Grime to Ambient Techno to Hip Hop tracks. The trajectory from his earliest experiments to his current atmospheric Dubstep/Techno sound is laid for all to hear, here!
  • Memento
  • One Inch Above Scum
  • Running With Scissors
  • Human Zoo
  • Algid
  • Carbon 14
  • Theta
  • North
  • Sugar Da Pill
  • Riverbank
  • Ringroad
  • Guyot
  • Casio Teng
  • Play-Learn
  • Loss
  • Forbidden
  • Ink
  • Potempkin
  • Merging of Rivers
  • Killswitch
  • Psycl

Terrorbyte Klat Skat & Squidgy Black

We’ve been trying to prize a release out of the hands of this Brummie noise terrorist for some time now, and we’re buzzing: Klat Skat & Squidgy Black is here! Featuring the opening track ‘South Side Shoot T Kill Klart’ which has been a favourite of Mary-Anne Hobbs and been featured on her Radio 1 show, the EP tears through the sort of Breakcore, Gabba and Junglistic mayhem that your parents wouldn’t like, but we most certainly do. If you like your music intense, come check out this bad man, essential.
  • South Side Shoot T Kill Klart
  • Jump Up Murdah Bizniss
  • War By The Gallon
  • Birmingham Mashup Booty Ragga

Ant Orange Acid Trax 2006-2009

Here´s a bit of a treat. Ant Orange delves into his archives and pulls out 10 tracks of 303 joyousness. Ant´s trademark slick production and love of Roland´s little silver box are well known, but the same can´t be said of all of the gems on this release. While it includes some tracks you may have heard (´Don´t Call Me Roland´ from ´One For The Ladies´) it will undoubtedly contain some that you haven´t, and the opportunity to own the best of Ant´s acid ramblings for the one off special price of free, is an opportunity you really shouldn´t miss. Acieeeeeeed!
  • Elbow Acid
  • Barely Pork
  • Forster Square
  • Discoli
  • Don´t Call Me Roland
  • Booyak
  • Spanky
  • Birds
  • Grind

Chris Kubex Sounds No Longer The Same

It’s been nearly a year since Dead Channel co-conspirator and long-time Gonzo member Chris Kubex released his first full length album ‘Circuit Cities’. Now he returns with ‘Sounds No Longer The Same’, and some may feel it’s an apt title. While retaining some of the melodious elements, which people have come to identify with his music, the dance-floor sounds of Dubstep, Ragga, Techno and Electro are more prominent this time around, and all get forced through the blender. A long time spent immersed in the Leeds music scene seems to be forging a new spin on the Kubex sound – bass heavy, melodic, steppin’ rave tunes and the same old lush electronics – and we, for one, are loving it.
  • Sounds No Longer The Same
  • Under The MegaTree
  • Rorschach
  • Glint
  • Sex
  • We a Kill
  • Bus Journey Home
  • Sparky
  • Olive Green
  • Faded Empire
  • Mungle
  • Blactech
  • Brown Acid
  • Ultrazero

Little Nobody I Have Become So Many People...

Long time Dead Channel supporter and artist Andrez Bergen presents his latest collection of tracks, with possibly the longest title yet seen on the label! Hailing from Tokyo –via Australia- Andrez is as prolific as they come, and as well as producing under his many aliases still finds time to run the IF? Records label and write for a number of publications. Busy boy… and ‘I have Become So Many People…’ is possibly our favourite Little Nobody release on Dead Channel so far. Andrez’s trademark sample-laden, cut-and-paste style is interwoven with a funk, glitch and humour all his own; a true original for sure.
  • The Black Bird (Noir Mix, featuring Mike Vendetti)
  • George Sanders (The Caddish Crooner Mix)
  • We Call It Crack House (Il Capitano's contraband Mix)
  • The Jazz Wringer (Javier's Smoking Jacket Remix)
  • 100 Years of Vicissitude
  • Laika, Belka and Strelka
  • Cat N-Ebb
  • I, Gottaman (Il Capitano's Contraband Mix)
  • Rikki Tikki Tavi (Jungle Taitei Remix)

Noisepsalm & Asymptote Split EP

Following the release last year of Noisepsalm’s ‘The Injured Aerm Army’ comes this split EP with fellow American Asymptote. An original track from each artist is re-interpreted here by a plethora of remix artists. First up is Asymptote’s ‘How it Went’ with remixes from Noisepsalm and Micoland. Next up is Noisepsalm with a track taken from his highly regarded Dead Channel release ‘The Injured Aerm Army’; ‘Hybernation Sickness’ sees Asymptote, Micoland, Kubex, Wobble & Dubb, Rhedcerulean and Little Nobody on remix duties. The package is nicely rounded off with a live re-working of Hybernation Sickness from Noispsalm himself.
  • Asymptote - How It Went
  • Asymptote - How It Went (Noisepsalm Remix)
  • Asymptote - How It Went (Micoland Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Asymptote Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Micoland Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Wobble N Dubb Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Kubex Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Little Nobody Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - Hybernation Sickness (Rhedcerulean Remix)
  • Noisepsalm - dUb4mesUb Live Remix

Dimomib The Loop

Dimosthenis Nikolis AKA Dimomib makes his highly anticipated return to Dead Channel with a collection of harder techno based tracks from his personal archive, although reference to his last release – the classic ‘Lo-Fi’ – comes in the form of the scattered electronic beats of ‘Earth Evolving Catastrophy’. Hailing from Athens, Greece, Dimomib’s approach to techno shares the same attention to detail, dark cavernous spaces and dub sensibilities as heard on his earlier work for the label. This time however the focus moves from the after party to the dance floor, with considerable panache. Lovers of deep, dark, brooding techno, dub and superbly crafted dense atmospheres should definitely check this out.
  • Athens Underground
  • Danceable Minimalism
  • Earth Evolving Catastrophe
  • Fill The Blanks
  • Housecats
  • Lismtn
  • My Deepest Thoughts
  • Pulsestar
  • Sprinklers
  • Sunflowers Don't Grow In Factories
  • Washer

Micoland & Holly Bretton Traverse

A man who needs no introduction to regular followers of Dead Channel, Micoland returns to the label accompanied by the sublime, sultry tones of his sister Holly Bretton. Waves of deeper than deep beats intermingle with creeping melodies to create a perfect soundscape for Holly’s haunting vocals. Fans of Portishead, Lamb and Massive Attack should definitely check this album out, although Traverse manages to achieve a personal sound that defies direct comparison. An album that reveals it’s many layers with repeated listening, and could serve as the perfect soundtrack to your post-club sessions and deep-chilled moments, Traverse proved an instant winner with everyone here, we hope you enjoy it too.
  • Expect It To Go
  • Dead Letter
  • Theorise
  • Unforeseen Forces
  • Debris
  • Traverse
  • Simple Needs

Prod Fashion Sickness

Don’t say we didn’t get you anything for Christmas… Leeds legend and a man who surely can’t remain in the shadows of the underground for long, Prod makes his welcome debut on Dead Channel with a collection of gems from his personal archive. Multi instrumentalist, achingly talented and completely devoid of the sort of ego you normally associate with such things, Prod has honed his craft almost to the point of absolute perfection. Although this album lacks a lot of the vocal and instrumental elements that are such a feature of his new material (check the awesome new album ‘The Artworks Formerly known as Prints’ out now on Pollinate Records) it still has a musical depth that many attain to, yet few attain.
Add to that a dose of fun, and a keen eye on the dance floor and you have what will, we’re sure, become a future Dead Channel classic.
  • Dizzy
  • Recipe
  • Nearly
  • First Floor Coop
  • Tekke
  • Rosebud
  • What Goes On
  • Speech
  • Low Flash
  • Reservoir
  • Scatterbrain

Various Artists The Lego Project

The idea was simple enough: ask a bunch of our artists to supply some samples and sounds, collate these into a sample pack, then give said sample pack back to the artists so they could create tracks for a compilation. The result is a fascinating exhibition of different approaches to remix-craft, and (putting all music-geekisms aside), it´s simply an album of great tracks created using the same palette of sounds. We´re going a step further and encouraging people to create their own tracks with the Lego samples so that we can release them on a future Dead Channel compilation. To this end, we´ve uploaded the full sample pack, as it was distributed to the artists on this album. Send completed tracks in .WAV format (preferably using something like to: dead-channel (at) Enjoy listening. Enjoy creating.
  • Kubex - Duplo
  • Gwylo - Lego Bricks
  • Ant Orange - Shit A Brick
  • Little Nobody - Lego Mix #2
  • Micoland - Legoland Billund
  • School Boy Error - I Am Legond
  • Kubex - Winter Spines
  • Sofaboy - Lego Technic
  • Micoland - Legoland London
  • Naffdogg - Play Well
  • Noisepsalm - Freak and A Cannibal
  • Sofaboy - A Bag Of Ears

Kubex LS4EP

Kubex returns to Dead Channel after his acclaimed debut ‘Circuit Cities’ dropped in August. Not new material, but material that needed to see the light of day, ‘LS4EP’ is a collection of older, harder tracks from the archives. Starting with the nasty breaks of ‘Badravemusic’ and ending with the muscle bound angelic drum & bass of ‘Too Many R3b00ts’ this EP is a final glimpse of old-school Kubex, who’s style has been evolving since these tracks were recorded many moons ago. Kubex’s new full length album is due to appear on Dead Channel early in the New Year. The EP also includes Ant Orange’s ninja-junglist remix of ‘Onaraggachip’ and Micoland’s suitably dark re-working of ‘Nomen Luni’ taken from the Circuit Cities album.
  • Badravemusic
  • Onaraggachip
  • Crazy Russian
  • Sid
  • Too Many R3b00ts
  • Onaraggachip (Ant Orange Remix)
  • Nomen Luni (Micoland Remix)

Gwylo & Micoland Hale Bopp

Dirtyload Records and Dead Channel are proud to present the follow up to Gwylo & Micolands 2006 Dirtyload debut ‘Reinfections’. Hale Bopp sees the duo in a more diverse mood than last time, but having no less of an impact. The heavy dub vibes are still present, but this time round the pair have stretched their musical limbs out wide and embraced a plethora of styles. The result is truly special, with tracks like the awesome ‘Voxdub’ staying in your head long after the first listen. Fans of dub, ragga, jungle and techno mixed up in a genre-splitting melody laden soup (and come on, isn’t that most of you?) will not want to miss this one.
  • Lighs & Hoes
  • Kutta
  • Voxdub
  • Darkart
  • Pressure Point
  • Carpetbomber
  • Hale Bopp
  • Sine Language
  • Acceleration to Zero
  • Pulse Code Acid
  • Vemon Floods

Blip! Blip!

Shadowy operators Blip! (Kubex & Dot9) have been working away on the underbelly of the Leeds electronic scene for a good few years now. This, their first release, is a collection of work recorded between 2001 and 2007. Influenced by the sound of old 8bit computers, sampling culture, circuit bent experimentation and the rave scene (to name a few) Blip! utilise all kinds of gear, new and decrepit, to achieve their sound. Look out for new Blip! work coming to Dead Channel in the future, as well as a live set that we hear is in the pipeline. We’ll be sure to bring you more, the next time they emerge from the dark..
  • Tony Blair
  • Freeze Frame
  • Voodoo
  • 2 Bit Def Aid
  • You Got Sold
  • Scanners
  • Helga's Spectrum
  • Zoids
  • Toaster Dub

Various Artists One For The Ladies

It’s finally here, 12 tracks of biting satire, tongue-in-cheek beats and off the wall humour. We’re pleased to present for your listening (dis)pleasure – One for the Ladies. The idea was simple enough: we asked a bunch of friends and other assorted miscreants to make a track for a compilation, with the criteria being ‘one for the ladies’. What came back was scary, hilarious, brilliant and ridiculous; often all at the same time. So here we go. Strap yourselves in, take off your serious hat and indulge in Dead Channel’s first official compilation. Go girls.
  • Danalog - One For The Ladies
  • Naffdogg Feat. MC Spacemaker - Booty Hijack
  • Slakwrak - Fool aie Shan-T ee for Laydeez
  • Fandabi Dozy - Get Down Baby
  • Kubex vs. Destiny's Child - Independent Woman
  • Ant Orange - Don't Call Me Roland
  • Parker - Sexy Party
  • DJ Tony Turbo - Ten Minutes With Tony Turbo
  • Gwylo - Big Girl Now
  • Bernardcore - Billy's Jeans
  • Ant Orange - I Don't Think You're Ready
  • Richard Silkman - A Love That Never Dies

Wobble N Dubb Knock Down Ginger

Knock Down Ginger is the first outing for the brand new collaborative project from two of Leeds leading lights: Micoland and Naffdogg. Dark, heavy and with a keen sense of humour, this is a tantalising glimpse of things to come.
This release also comes in a fairly unorthodox two part format: the first part is the debut Wobble n Dubb track ‘Neva Truss Da Filf’, the second part is a taste of what to expect from these guys live. Culled from hours and hours of live jamming with two laptops and effects and then condensed into just over twenty minutes of incendiary madness to shake your ass to – amazing.
  • Neva Truss Da Filf
  • Knock Down Ginger Mix

Noisepsalm The Injured Aerm Army

Our first release from across the Atlantic comes in the shape of this dark gem of an album from Noisepsalm, otherwise known as Math Lewis from Sacramento California. Claustrophobic textures mix with with dark, brooding atmospheres and some healthy dub sensibilities; Injured Aerm Army is a listening experience that creeps up your spine before entertaining your ears. The release features remixes from fellow Americans Interloper and Headcase, and guest vocals from Math’s son Phoenix.
  • The Villain Theme (Feat. Pheonix)
  • The Injured A.E.R.M Army
  • Hybernation Sikness (Feat. Pheonix)
  • Scalpel'd (Interloper Remix)
  • We Are Creature (Headcase Remix)
  • 23rd Abduction

Naffdogg Sheepscar EP

Naff has been a part of the vibrant electronic music scene here in Leeds for a while now, and was one of its best kept secrets… until now. It’s been a while in the making, but his debut EP is here, and it was well worth the wait. Referencing heavily from the West Yorkshire city he now calls home, Sheepscar is homage to all the music styles that make the city’s underground tick. Effortlessly taking on electro, jungle, dubstep and more, and combining them with an awesome sense of melody and precision; this is an exciting glimpse of brilliance from the canine bad boy.
  • Sheepscar
  • Dirty Maoams
  • Woodhouse Ridge Is Yorkshire Jungle
  • Bling the Snail

Little Nobody Remember Radio?

Andrez Bergen returns to Dead Channel with more of his unique brand of cut up electronic experimentation. A sampledelic ride through the mind of one of Tokyo’s hardest working artists; Remember Radio will find favour with any fan of his already extensive discography.
  • Remember Radio
  • Lull It To Sleep (Rough Kut)
  • Ming The Mirthiless
  • Hush, Hush
  • It's Supposed To Be Magnetic
  • Nail Kipper (Dick Drone Snip)
  • Fuyu (Radio Valve Mix)
  • Baia Lizarb #2
  • Make It So!!

Caulfield Caulfield EP

It’s always exciting to find a new talent. So without further ado – we present the debut Dead Channel outing of Mr Lawrence Northall, Under his Caulfield guise he has come up with a debut EP that defiantly defies categorisation, and is as unique as it is brilliant. I know Lawrence would just want you to listen and judge for yourself, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.
  • La Lumière Pt. II
  • Godard II
  • House Of Dolls
  • La Lumière Pt. I
  • Elephant Man
  • Prenez-Moi
  • 361

Dimomib Lo-Fi

Dimomib is Dimosthenis Nikolis from Athens/Greece Producer of minimal experimental techno/electronica music since 2002, in the mid 90’s he was inspired by the outbreak of electronic music and followed the scene as a listener; moving from techno to trance, fascinated by the “raw” sound of jungle, dub and many kinds of experimental electronics such as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Msquare and Black Lung, he decided to create his own blend of music. Although his music is not tied to a specific genre, Dimomib has released dub techno and ambient/dub/electronica albums on the Deepindub and Insectorama net-labels.
Lo-Fi is a result of an experimental game with sounds.
  • Antimatter
  • Audionist
  • Clipping Digits
  • Double Shuffle
  • Droidfloat
  • Dubphonic
  • Ten-Four
  • Metropolis 3079
  • Standing On The B-Side
  • Testing Soundsystems

Ant Orange Plastique

Ant makes his full-length debut on Dead Channel in fine style with his latest offering: Plastique. This release marks a move to slower paced, funky, acid soaked beats bathed in lush melodies, warm bass and clever samples. Plastique retains the silky production skills witnessed on Ant’s self titled debut (available on Dirtyload Records) but adds a further layer of sophistication. This is the sound of a producer at the height of his considerable powers; absolutely unmissable.
  • Plastique
  • M606
  • InChrome
  • 4AM
  • Amberfunk
  • NeonChomski
  • NoDivas
  • BigAir

Kubex Circuit Cities

Dead-Channel and Dirtyload Records are proud to release the long-awaited full length LP ‘Circuit Cities’ from Kubex. Years in the making, this album is a masterwork that showcases Kubex’s musical dexterity in full capacity. Setting the mood with the ghostly atmosphere of ‘Fences’, the album eases into a rich tapestry of warm synths and intricately-crafted rhythms, with brief excursions into experimental sound design and abstract electro-poetry. If you like your music suprising, captivating and beautiful, you will not be disappointed.
  • Fences
  • In Autumn
  • Beaches
  • Indo
  • Orlon Paranoia
  • Dila
  • Circuit Cities
  • Auto304
  • Tuesday's Theme
  • Leaf
  • Nomen Luni
  • Betalpha
  • Albeta
  • Lowlight

Gwylo Fullbodygurn EP

Dirtyload Records and Gonzo lynchpin Gwylo graces Dead Channel with his ‘Fullbodygurn’ EP, a high octane ride for the neo-rave generation. Taking a no-nonsense hardcore approach, Gwylo tears through eight tracks of the sort of breakcore, gabba, hardcore and future rave music that has made his DJ sets so legendary around these parts. One for the hard crew!
  • Pimpin'
  • Spit
  • Pity Love
  • Packed Van
  • Fullbodygurn
  • Charged Climate
  • Rudegal

Micoland All Loop Traffic

Leeds dubstep innovator Micoland returns to Dead Channel with All Loop Traffic, showcasing the evolution of his trademark style of glitchy, electronic, bass heavy rhythms. Opening with the awesome bass pressure of the minimalist masterpiece ‘Deadstep’ and ending with the sublime underwater claustrophobia of ‘Unnamed Methane Sea’ this release is set to cement Micoland’s reputation as one of the people responsible for truly moving the dubstep blueprint into exiting new aural landscapes.
  • Deadstep
  • Billy's Complex Techno
  • Subjegate
  • Brutalist Architecture
  • I Can Only Deal With Matte Colours
  • Deeper Than Skin
  • Shake Ya Filament Loose
  • Unnamed Methane Sea

Little Nobody Double-Click To Play

Andrez Bergen, better known as Little Nobody, is an expatriate Australian journalist, some-time musician, photographer, DJ, occasional illustrative pencil-pusher, one-time filmmaker, writer, wayward graphic designer, and an ad hoc beer connoisseur, formerly from Melbourne, who’s been entrenched in Tokyo, Japan, for almost 7 years now. In most respects (aural and visual), Andrez likes to steal furtive glances in a pseudo-metaphysical rear-vision mirror, greedily brushing up on the “found art” chapter of the Dadaists’ handbook; he then plagiarizes heavily from the cut-up techniques of Brion Gysin and Tristan Tzara, nicks the deconstructive tendencies of post-modernism in jaded new ways, and casts a sardonic eye on the industrial music splice ‘n’ dice ideology of Cabaret Voltaire in the ‘70s – all the time stimulated by Marcel Duchamp’s display of a toilet urinal back in 1917.
  • Like That?
  • Got That
  • All The Piss and Shit
  • We Burn Them To Ashes
  • The Big Full Stop
  • 7Fk

Blackhat Oldata-2

Blackhat is one moniker of Chris Brierley, a long time DJ and musician now residing in Leeds. Oldata is a two part release featuring a selection of old tracks recorded over the past six years. While we wait for Chris to appear from his bunker with new material for Dead Channel, we hope you enjoy this collection of his early work.
  • Watching My Sky
  • Solipsist Path
  • Igno Rants
  • A Robot Inside
  • 8-Bit Love
  • Plink
  • Flying Machine

Ant Orange Carnage

This is a single from Ant’s brilliant self-titled debut album which was released by our good friends Dirtyload Records. This tearing jungle dance floor track has Ant’s trademark style all over it and has been making dancefloors in the north of England go mad for a while now. Also included are two other tracks from the album: PMA and Ornj3b0um. The package comes complete with an remix of Carnage from Marionette Records’ breakcore don Helix, which is exclusive to Dead Channel. The full album is available on CD direct from Dirtyload Records via
Album info:
  • Carnage (Album Version)
  • Ornj3b0um
  • PMA
  • Carnage (Helix Remix)

Micoland Dawn Raid Symphony Remixes

The track ‘Dawn Raid Symphony’ is taken from Mic Schofield’s awe-inspiring debut album ‘My Cold Land’, out now on Dirtyload Records. Instead of putting out the original album track, we have re-interpretations here from Gwylo, Blackhat, Ant Orange and Micoland himself. All take the original in distinctly different directions, while retaining the dense, claustrophobic, dystopian quality that makes Micoland’s work so distinctive. ‘My Cold Land’ is available to buy from
  • Dawn Raid Symphony [Blackhat Remix]
  • Dawn Raid Synchrony
  • Dawn Raid Symphony [Gwylo Mix]
  • Dawn Raid Symphony [Mico's A&E Mix]
  • Dawn Raid Symphony [Ant Orange Remix]

Blackhat Oldata-1

Blackhat is one moniker of Chris Brierley, a long time DJ and musician now residing in Leeds. Oldata is a two part release featuring a selection of old tracks recorded over the past six years. While we wait for Chris to appear from his bunker with new material for Dead Channel, we hope you enjoy this collection of his early work. Oldata part two will be released soon, keep checking the site for the release date.
  • 0508
  • My Best Friend Me
  • Getrotronics
  • Talk Me Pretty
  • Wilko's Bin
  • Golden V4
  • Transparent

Sofaboy Sofaboy!

We couldn’t be happier about the fact that this is the labels inaugural release. Thirteen tracks of pure joy from Dave Blakemore’s Sofaboy project, from bouncy summertime techno to orbital-esque electronica and back (via some beautiful soundscape excursions). It’s all laced with a charm befitting one of the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, and we hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we did putting it together.
  • Fight Flight
  • Start Where You Are
  • Gangsta Lead
  • The Tricky Troggle
  • Pyrex Auntie
  • Panic Room
  • Top Trump Champion
  • You and Me
  • Saluting the Sun
  • Wobbly Bicycle
  • Harmo
  • Wellspring
  • Chinese Alley





DJM aka Dan The Hat is a fixture on the Leeds free-party scene, and a superb mash-up DJ. Soul, Mowtown, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Rock n Roll, Break beat, Indie, Drum and Bass… the list goes on. Pop music from every decade since the sixties is scratched, mixed and blended together into one musical explosion. The amalgamation of these genres takes the listener on a nostalgic rollercoaster ride throughout recent musical history, whilst delivering phat beats and dirty bass lines. Perfect for Christmas dinner with the family, this mix contains excerpts from Bottom, The Two Ronnies and The Simpsons!

Urban Exploration

Exploring the more techno-influenced end of their atmospheric sound, the set features tracks by Regis, Blawan and Objekt, as well as two tracks created by the collective themselves.

Chris Kubex

Chris Kubex is back with a beautifully crafted deadmix, weaving seemlessly between dreamlike electronica, 2-step, electro
and deep, hypnotic techno. Opening with the amazing Mount Kimbie and including tracks by Gescom and Kevin Gorman, expect to
be taken on a journey filled with trance inducing grooves and stomping riddims, all masterfully blended by our Leeds based,
resident badass with precision accuracy.

Sal Volatile

Our good friend Sal Volatile has been locked away in deepest darkest Midlands fusing Brummie Electro and Techno with the futuristic sounds of Dubstep and Grime to make a thoroughly pleasing cocktail. While we wait for his maiden voyage on the Good Ship Dead Channel, we present his offering to the Deadmix series: a tasty blend of future bass music that had us jumping all over the shop. Add Mr. Volatile to your ‘ones to check in 2009’ list now…

Wobble n Dubb

The boys are back, fresh from invading the ears of northern club-goers with their floor shaking dual-laptop improvised live sets. We´ve confiscated their vodka, hidden their drugs and sent them to the secret Wobble


This month on Deadmix duties, we present Gonzo lynchpin and the man behind Dirtyload Records doing what he does best: banging out an hour of the finest quality dance floor exploding rave tracks. Ragga, breakcore, hardcore and whatever else is needed to make people lose their heads on the dance floor get mashed up in a fine example of what makes Gwylo such a sought after DJ in these parts. Includes tracks from Otto Von Shirach, Venetian Snares, King Cannibal, The Bug, Kid 606 and more.

DJ Pesk

For this month´s deadmix we hand over turntable duties to Gonzo´s master of the amen break: DJ Pesk. Pesk has selected 17 choice cuts from a record collection that has been known to turn other DJ´s a little green, and used his years of experience to mix them to perfection for yours truly. This mix also stands as a tribute to the UK rave scene, and the brilliant home grown music that was born here in the 90´s and continues to move dance floors all over the world. Oi! Oi! Enjoy…

Jade One

The second in our deadmix series comes from Birmingham electro-meister Jade One.


The first release in our deadmix series comes from Gonzo resident Kubex. Selecting, re-constructing and welding together a whole load of amazing electronic music to form a mix that takes in a myriad of different styles before it´s over. Featuring tracks from: Team Doyobi, Aphex, Gescom, Gimmik, Surgeon, Tubejerk and more.